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It’s my KID’S party & I’ll cry if I want to!

Party stress? You betcha!

No matter how often you hit the yoga mat or focus on your breathing (meditation app, anyone?),

if you’re throwing a kid’s birthday party then you’re bound to be a little stressed.

And spoiler alert, the stress has nothing to do with choosing sports plates versus dinosaur plates.

So what are we stressing about?

father sitting and resting from party stress

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Join me down memory lane for a minute… it’s the distant past – well before you could Google how do I throw a kids party.

On the night before my 9th birthday, my father is in our small backyard setting up games: a horseshoe station, a Frisbee station, and a station to play catch, each with a specialized sign (made with his very amateur calligraphy skills…).

Mind you, we didn’t need “stations”.

My friends and I could have simply played side by side like at any kids event. But still, my father wanted something he thought would make me happy – that’s what he was stressing about, so he stayed up half the night working.

The next day it poured. The horseshoe station was a pile of mud, and the signs my father made were washed away.

In all honesty, I don’t remember being disappointed.

What I do remember is how visibly sorry (and yes, stressed) my dad was that I couldn’t go outside with my friends.

So instead, seven kids sat in our tiny living room, and with the rain and thunder echoing outside, my dad did the only thing he could think of – he made up scary, silly stories. Multiple voices, with lots of sophisticated jokes you can imagine a group of nine year olds would appreciate, and we loved it!

It wasn’t elaborate, but he was there. He was part of it. And that’s what I remember.

birthday light and sparkler

loving father and son sharing time

Now that I have children of my own, I get why my father was so stressed.

He wanted to give me a unique experience, something my friends and I could remember.

Over the years, I’ve heard countless stories from other parents having this same stressful experience while planning their kid’s party.

Kikiboxes was started because I want to help provide the foundation for unique experiences and the tools to take away the distractions from what’s truly important.

We’re not here to make party planning and setup just simple and stylish.

Kikiboxes is here to give you the time and space to be present for all of your kid’s joy.

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