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Have the Cake First

Every party needs a plan – a time, date, place, etc.

But that doesn’t mean you have to follow a specific set of rules.

In fact, sometimes the most memorable parties are the ones that march to the beat of their own drummer!


So if you want to try something different, how about this – serve the cake first!

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birthday girl covering her eyes by birthday cake at party

I get that this might sound funny. It almost seems like every party, intentionally or not, is leading to the cake and singing Happy Birthday. Like no matter what party activities are planned, they’re all just warm ups for the big finale – the cake! And sure, that makes sense.

The birthday cake is a grand gesture.

A package deal!

It comes with candles, a song, a display, and of course the pièce de résistance – something yummy.

But by having the cake first, you’re opening up A LOT of new possibilities.

For starters, if the kids eat the cake first, you can make good use of their sugar high.

Ever see a game of tag with kids who just ate a pile of frosting – wow!

More importantly, you’ll be giving parents and guardians a break from sending kids home all wound up! .

It’s about managing sugar highs and funneling kids energy.

Surely they’ll appreciate getting their children back after they’ve had the chance to mellow out…even a wee bit.

kids birthday party cake celebration

By serving the cake first, you’ll also catch everyone off guard. Imagine seeing your favorite band in concert, and the first thing they play is their most popular song. It’s almost an unheard of idea. Because of course bands save their #1 hit for the end of the night. But just think of how excited the crowd would be to start the show with a bang! “Piano Man,” anyone?

birthday girl blowing candles out at a birthday party

Lastly, by having the cake at the very start of your party, you can focus the attention on your guests more.

Of course, 100%, the birthday party should be about the guest of honor – the birthday boy or girl.

But instead of ending your party with the general chaotic departure of a sugar high, end the celebration calmly with thankful wishes for your guests.

The birthday boy or girl could help hand out the parting goodie bags and take a moment to express their gratitude for coming.

There’s really no wrong or right way.

Don’t worry about the standard birthday party order of events. Don’t worry about the rules for when to serve food at a birthday party. Of course it’s a good idea to learn what’s worked for other people, but at the end of the day it’s all about how you want to plan your own party. Dare to do something different and give your special kid their own special day. Serve up some cake and unleash the fun!

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