What Is A Kiki?

Kiki _ (kē,kē)

Defined by the Urban Dictionary as “a party including good music and good friends,
held for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress and generally fighting ennui.”

KikiBox _ (kē,kē,bäks)

Creatively curated party collection designed “for the express purpose of calming nerves, reducing anxiety and stress”
and throwing an awesome party!


 How Will I Know How To Set Up My Kiki?

Each KikiBox comes with a ‘Kiki Method’ guide that will walk you through the party process.
We also direct you to our social media outlets for themed activity and food ideas.


How Can I Share The Awesome Pics We Took At Our Kiki?

Please post your awesome pics to  #kikiboxes / @kikiboxes


How Quickly Will My KikiBox Ship?

Orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.
Occasionally some items may be out of stock or back ordered.
If this is the case, we will notify you immediately.


Can My KikiBox Be Customized?

Our themes have been carefully curated and crafted and we are unfortunately unable to customize them at this time.


Can I Add Additional Items To My KikiBox?

We currently do not offer add-ons but please check back with us regularly.


Do You Have Printables For Customizing My Kiki?

We don’t currently but are working on a partnership.
Please feel free to reach out to us at: hello@kikiboxes.com.


The Item I Want Is Out of Stock. When Will It Be Available?

This is the worst – and we get it.
We try to anticipate demand as best as possible, but sometimes certain themes sell out quickly.
You can send us an email at hello@kikiboxes.com and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s replenished.


Are There Other Kiki Themes?

We have an amazing lineup of KikiBox themes so be sure to check back with us regularly for new roll outs!


Are There ‘Thank You’ Cards Included?



Do You Charge Sales Tax?

Sales tax will be calculated at checkout for anything shipped to NY.


What Size Is The Table Cloth?

The table cloths are rectangular, 54″ x 108″, but have been used on rounds as well.


Who Bakes The Cupcakes?

You do.
(we’re Duncan Hines fans)
You can however, get store bought cupcakes and drop them in the sleeves and kits.  Shhh!


Who Is Kiki?

Kiki is our older daughter’s nickname.
She loves to party!

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